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You Deserve Something Special

Artisan luxury soap, handmade with natural oils and Shea Butter, beautifully designed for you.

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beautiful soap with ocean design in tree different shades of blue and tan color simulating the sand

Your Daily Dose of Self~Care

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What makes princess city soaps special?


We dedicate time and love to deliver high quality products from start to finish, from our ingredient selection to our packaging. Each soap is handmade, individually cut, labeled and packaged just for you.

Our Ingredients

Our base recipe is made with natural oils and butters that are carefully and intentionally selected. Olive, Coconut, Sweet Almond and Shea Butter are some of the lovely ingredients in our soaps.

Our Fragrances

Our high quality fragrances are phthalate, parabens and sulfate free. We strive to create products your skin will love without any of the harsh chemicals your body doesn't need!

Soap Love

I am in LOVE with these soaps! They smell delightful, lather well, and leave my skin smelling great and feeling soft.


These soaps smell incredible & fresh! They feel like butter & last forever!


These are amazing. My skin is soft and they all smell deliciously wonderful!!!