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About Us

Princess City Soaps was born after our daughter. After our baby was born one of the ways my husband cared for me was to make sure I always had time for a warm long shower or bath. Soon, this became the time where I could just relax, enjoy, and care for myself in this new motherhood chapter of my life. This is when I began to look for ways to bring a little more luxury to mine and my family's bath experience. I learned about handcrafted soaps, became aware of all the not-skin-loving ingredients used in commercial soaps and body showers, and I decided to treat myself to some high quality soaps. I fell in love!

Soon after trying handcrafted soap, I started to research to make my own soap with ingredients that were important to me and my family and our culture. I started to use different formulations, butters and oils to create recipes that me and my family loved. 

Our hope is to share the best of what we created with you, because you deserve it too!